Tandem provides turnkey services for vessels, barges and rail. Our logistics team can  plan, unload, haul and stockpile dry bulk materials.

Located on the Buffalo Bayou, Tandem’s Barge Terminal unloads, scales, delivers and stockpile dry bulk materials for the Houston area. The terminal with length of 200′ and depth of 12′ high tide can handle barge shipments of dry bulk.

Tandem specializes in site work, underground and concrete. We are a full service company with company owned trucks, equipment, operators and heavy. This allows us to keep our projects on time and on schedule. We use Topcon survey equipment to control all the work at the site.

Tandem provides support services for environmental clean up projects. We can help your environmental company with trucks, equipment and operators.

Tandem has a large fleet of heavy haul, end dump and dump trucks to provide turnkey services for dry bulk, construction, in-plant and environmental projects. Our premium drivers and trucks are on time to keep your project on schedule.

Tandem uses the latest in drone technology to map, photo, video, inspect, survey and measure all of our work sites. It is crucial for our business to make sure all work sites are accurately controlled for final reporting. One of the most important parts of dry bulk to insure the proper placement and tonnage for stockpiles. Drones can accurately measure volumes with high precision in a short amount of time, much safer than previous methods.